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Organizational Design & Development Consulting

Seeking business growth in today’s competitive environment is leading companies to examine the impact of sound organizational and human capital management. As a strategic human resource management consulting firm, St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates recognizes the critical need to leverage and maximize the potential of your people, and is committed to providing innovative and customized solutions to meet your unique organizational needs.

Our consultants are skilled at taking a strategic, yet practical, look at your organization and its unique challenges. This approach allows us to provide solutions that meet your needs and tailor our involvement and recommended solutions to you.

Because we measure our success by the success of our clients, we focus on enhancing their long-term objectives by providing these consulting services:

Organizational Design and Development

SH&A offers organizational development consulting ranging from department-based interventions to company-wide culture change. Some of the organizational development services we offer are:

  • Change Management
  • Climate Survey and Action Implementation
  • Executive Team Development
  • Executive Retreats
  • Individual Executive Development
  • Leadership and Culture Development
  • Merger/Acquisition Integration Strategy
  • Role and Responsibility Charting (or mapping)
  • Organizational Design
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Human Capital Planning

SH&A will collaborate with you to determine the appropriate development tools, or combination of tools, that would most benefit your organization. We are committed to ensuring that organizational development is effectively and creatively applied to meet your specific needs.

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