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Performance Management Process

An effective Performance Management Process (PMP) includes more than a performance appraisal form. A successful PMP is a business process that integrates strategic organizational objectives with direction setting, performance measurement, appraisal and feedback.

Our experience indicates that the challenge for organizations in creating an effective PMP is to create a system that collectively:

  • Helps employees participate in establishing standards for individual performance.
  • Focuses employees' efforts on achieving results.
  • Provides adequate information for making personnel decisions.
  • Translates corporate and Human Resources strategies into practice.
  • Reinforces corporate culture.
  • Accommodates the needs of managers and supervisors at various levels.
  • Emphasizes communication and people rather than allowing paper to drive the process.

St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates uses these challenges as a foundation in creating a Performance Management Process uniquely designed to meet the individual client's needs.

Our PMP design approach typically follows five steps:

  1. Establishing a management steering committee that will determine the goals and expected outcomes of each process component and oversee the key design steps.
  2. Conducting focus groups and interviews to establish the needs and expectations of managers and employees affected by the process.
  3. Comparing the output of this process to expectations established by the steering committee.
  4. Creating the mechanics of the process. Designing the appraisal document and procedures relevant to the organization's culture and existing programs and strategies.
  5. Developing the implementation process and training. Communicating the process and the implementation strategy. Designing skill training to ensure that all participants are comfortable in their roles.

SH&A consultants will help you develop and/or implement an integrated PMP or provide guidance/training for a particular performance management component. Additionally, we can help you design and implement an affordable on-line 'back end' program to support your system.

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