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Organizational Diagnostics

Leaders and Human Resource practitioners are constantly challenged to do more with less, and to focus resources in order to optimize results—to effectively execute on the strategy of the enterprise.  St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates has built our Organizational Diagnostics practice area to provide client organizations with the processes and the information to make better management and leadership decisions, and to focus Human Resource initiatives in strategic ways.

Business leaders have commonly approached the diagnosis of their organization by doing employee satisfaction surveys.  We believe that taking the pulse of employees is important to do well, and should be part of a larger organizational assessment process. 


The sources and drivers of an organization’s climate and the performance of an effective organization are the collective Leadership Actions and Organizational Practices that impact the focus and alignment of its people.  These actions and practices, in turn, impact Employee Engagement—the attitudes and behaviors that predict employee levels of commitment, discretionary behavior, customer commitment, intentions to stay or leave, etc.  When employees are engaged and committed to the organization and its customers, they act in ways that create satisfied and loyal customers.  When these causes and effects are aligned, greater organizational value is created.


This is why St. Aubin, Haggerty and Associates offers a suite of data-gathering and analysis processes in the areas of Leadership Actions and Organizational Practices, and Employee Engagement.


We are able to survey and assess key aspects of the organization to provide the analysis and recommendations for implementing programs that positively impact organizational performance and growth.   We are able to use an optimal mix of data-gathering techniques such as:

  • Online, Paper-based and/or Phone Surveys
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • One-on-one Interviews
  • Strategy Reviews

Our approach has consistently been to apply our depth and breadth of organization experience, current thinking on organizational dynamics, and a customized approach to meet the information and decision-making needs of each client.


In additional to these types of organizational assessments, we also can assist you with:

  • Human Resource Audits
  • General Focus Group Facilitation
  • Culture Studies
  • Functional Surveys
  • Other Customized Surveys (e.g., Employee Exit Surveys)

For more information, please Contact Us or call 1-847-564-2840.

A commitment to excellence is our promise on each project.  We place high value on our client relationships and strive to develop long-term partnerships.
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