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Team Excellence

Building high-performance teams begins with a clear understanding of how the team and individuals stand in relation to high-performance team attributes.

Team Excellence is a research-based, leading edge diagnostic approach to assessing a team's effectiveness and a platform for increasing the probability of building powerful, winning teams.

Teams work through these criteria, discussing where they are, what team performance gaps exist and what actions they plan to take. Follow-up team events and workshops can be conducted to reinforce commitments and measure results.

A second set of questions are answered by team members who provide confidential feedback to each other regarding each member's effectiveness on the team.

This on-line tool and accompanying workshop is used by intact teams to determine where a team is strong, and where a team needs to develop in order to achieve high performance.

Based on results of team member questionnaires, the Team Excellence program presents an analysis of the team leader, team members and how the team functions as a whole in relationship to specific elements of winning teams. An extensive study of highly successful teams found the most common dimensions of winning teams to be the following:

  • Clear, elevating goals
  • Results-driven structure
  • Competent team members
  • External support and recognition
  • Collaborative climate
  • Standards of excellence
  • Unified commitment
  • Principled leadership

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