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Successful Strategic Planning

This time of year many organizations are developing and presenting Strategic Plans.  A question often asked is: "How can we improve?"

Keys for Successful Strategic Planning:

  1. Set Expectations.  Be clear on what is expected - "a bottoms-up" review or simply "tell me what's changed?"
  2. Seek Broad Input.  One company invites customers to participate in the planning process.  Another leading supplier creates competing mid-level teams to outline different growth plans and investments.  Both companies develop robust plans that continue to drive market leadership.
  3. Make Decisions.  Good plans raise too many ideas.  You will need to prioritize.  Leaders clearly explain when decisions will be made, and they follow through.
  4. It's Not the Numbers, It's the Numbers.  Plans must be more than a collection of great ideas - they have to drive financial results.  And plans should highlight key variables, not endless permutations of different investment options.
  5. Focus on Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage.  If you cannot answer the question - "What in this Plan will give us sustainable competitive advantage?" - start again.
  6. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.  Communicate relentlessly - about expectations, about the review process, about links to budgets, about implementation.
  7. Keep the Plan Out.  Use the Plan throughout the year.  Refer to it; measure progress against expectations; make it a "living document" - not another binder on your shelf.

Help needed with your Strategic Planning efforts?  Call Brian Carlsen, Practice Leader, Organizational Learning, 847.564.2840 or Contact Us.

Powerful Presentations

Once you have the Plan, can you present it powerfully?  Persuasive Presentations© - Saying What you Want to Say with Power

Winning in the competitive world of work requires a well-honed ability to look and feel confident, communicate clearly, and to leave your audience with a favorable impression about yourself and your ideas.  The Persuasive Presentations© workshop is an intense session of learning and practice to help participants increase their confidence and effectiveness when presenting to groups, whether within or outside their company.

Through practice, videotape feedback and expert coaching, this two-day workshop is designed to accomplish the following lasting effects:

  • Overcome and harness "anxiety energy" that comes with public speaking.
  • Create the thought processes for organizing presentations in order to achieve your purpose.
  • Enhance the image that you project to your audience members.
  • Communicate effectively and memorably.

Learn more about Persuasive Presentations© by contacting Brian Carlsen at 847.564.2840 or Contact Us.

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