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Top Ten Tips for Attracting Talent

As business and job opportunities grow, so does the likelihood of employee turnover, particularly among high performers.  For employers, attracting and retaining the best talent is critical.

To be a magnet for great talent, your organization must offer an environment in which talent can thrive.  That, in turn, reinforces your reputation and attracts the best people.

Here are the top ten ways to become a talent magnet.

1. Lead with your brand and your corporate values.  Top talent will naturally gravitate to a company with a strong public image.  Potential employees want to know what your organization values and how they might contribute to your mission.  Leverage your brand in your recruitment efforts.

2. Hire top performers.  As Chris Rock said during Oscar night last year, "If you want a star ... wait."  Holding steady to high standards for hiring the best and brightest always wins over snapping up the fittest of the misfits.

3. Create a positive work environment.  Emphasizing the positives of corporate and individual performance will help create a climate in which people can do their best work.  Research at Cornell University shows that "when people feel good, their thinking becomes more creative, integrative, flexible and open to information."

4. Learn what talented employees want; select and reward managers who can satisfy.  A #1 driver behind employee satisfaction is having a good supervisor who respects and treats them fairly.  Further, a satisfied employee makes a satisfied customer.  Research into the Service-Profit Chain demonstrates that "satisfied, loyal and productive employees" deliver high value to clients, which results in stronger financial performance for the company.

5. Develop a strong leadership pipeline.  Creating a pipeline of effective leaders through leadership development and succession planning will help ensure your company's long-term success.

6. Play to your strengths.  In surveys of more than 1.7 million employees, the Gallup Organization found that individuals were more motivated by methods to build on their strengths than by efforts to correct their weaknesses.

7. Foster a learning culture.  Top talent is not content to stay put.  High performers want to develop new skills and professional abilities, as well as opportunities to advance throughout their careers.

8. Keep communications open.  Employees want to know where they stand and that they have a voice.  Provide performance feedback and survey employees regularly.

9. Have a talent retention strategy.  Sustain business results by holding onto your best people, the ones you can't afford to lose.  This requires a tangible and sincere investment in engaging the hearts and minds of mission-critical talent.

10. Compensation can help to attract talent.  However, as Pfeffer points out in the Harvard Business Review article Six Dangerous Myths About Pay, it is not the most important motivator to retaining high quality employees.

The SH&A team would be pleased to assist you in developing a talent strategy.  We offer a range of services along the Talent Management Coninuum, including organizational design and development, organizational learning, and assessments and diagnostics.

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