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Extended DISC® Assessments

Below is a list of assessments available in the Extended DISC® System: 

  • Extended DISC® Personal Analysis
  • Extended DISC® Team Analysis
  • Extended DISC® Job Analysis
  • Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis
  • Extended DISC® Team Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Team Alignment
  • Extended DISC® Surveys

The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is a hi-tech self-assessment tool for measuring an individual’s natural behavioral style. It produces the following information:

  • Attributes Describing the Person
  • Communication Style
  • Ideal Supervisor
  • Decision Making Style
  • Specific Motivators
  • Specific Fears
  • Strengths and Development Areas
  • Sales Style & Customer Service Style
  • Management Style
  • Leadership Style
  • Administrative Style
  • Entrepreneurial Style
  • Team Style

This analysis compares individuals to the Ideal Profile from the 'Job Analysis' module. It supports the development of Action Plans - for Behavioral Modification to Achieve Desired Results. It is ideal for training and coaching, takes only minutes to complete.

The Extended DISC® Team Analysis is a tech-based assessment that combines the results from the Extended DISC® Personal Analysis and offers analysis of teams, departments and organizations from 2 to 50,000 members. It describes the natural behavioral style of a team providing the following information:

  • The Extended DISC® Diamond
  • The Adjustment Diamond
  • Managerial Duties
  • Administrative Duties
  • Team Roles
  • Team Profile and Team Percentage

This analysis plots the location of members on the Diamond and indicates the percentages in each quadrant. It analyzes team/ member orientation with respect to key aspects of their Management Duties, People Duties and Administrative Duties.

The Extended DISC® Job Analysis process allows up to 8 people to give their detailed input into the make-up/design of key positions in the organization. The software uses a composite of these inputs to provide a detailed job description and a profile of the ideal person to complete the job. This is linked to the 'Compare to Job' feature of the Personal Analysis.

This assessment is the ultimate mechanism for designing jobs and getting the right people in those jobs.

The Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis matches the profiles of two colleagues showing their Personal and Pair Profiles as well as a Pair Diamond. It highlights the relative levels of comfort across 40 different aspects of the operating environment. The analysis then guides pairs through the Action Plan to enhance their joint productivity. This analysis maximizes joint efforts and facilitates non-threatening dialogue.

The Extended DISC® Team Assessment is a 360° tool. It gives the person the opportunity to receive feedback from other people. It includes the following aspects:

  • Information on the Extended DISC® Diamond
  • The Perceived Behavior
  • The Desired Behavior

This is a 360° tool without good-bad categories. It provides action plans for improved team performance, and is ideal for all trainers and consultants in the areas of team cohesiveness and effective communication.

Team Alignment is a tool for measuring the team management style. It includes the following aspects:

  • Designing the Ideal Management Style for the Team
  • Measuring the Present Management Style
  • The Team Ladder
  • Identification of the Individual Development Areas

This tool identifies how the team can improve its performance, and is ideal for team building and productivity enhancement consultants.

This powerful survey engine provides the ultimate in customization without the downside effects of increased design and processing challenges. The survey engine can be applied via the Internet and it can be used to analyze any subject area with up to 8 respondent groups. Benchmarking data is available.

This is the perfect tool to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are thinking.

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