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Extended DISC® System

There is no doubt that the ‘people factor’ is one of the most important issues to be dealt with as we strive for competitiveness and increased productivity. We have to bring new strategies to bear on this challenge. People skills are central to personal and organizational success.

Behavioral styles and interpersonal approaches require the same rigorous analysis and training investment as technical areas. St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates offer the system to provide customized and powerful reports that facilitate the management of individuals, teams and organizations in all spheres of the enterprise. They serve as a compass that guides organizations in identifying where they are and in determining where they need to be.

The Extended DISC® System represents a structured framework for the more effective management of people and for fostering effective collaboration and enhanced productivity.

Extended DISC® describes each person’s natural reaction mode or behavioral style in different situations and the context of the team and organization. This system gives us a better understanding of the ‘language’ of behaviors and provides us with a non-threatening ‘vocabulary’ for working with others. Mastery of these principles offer people a proven set of strategies for reading and dealing with the nuances of others in order to achieve objectives and engender shared commitment.

Today, the Extended DISC® System is part of the daily management system in thousands of organizations all around the world.

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