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Extended DISC® Products

Our Extended DISC® Product Suite provides practical, concise and easy-to-use assessments, workshops and tools that deliver meaningful results for your people and bottom line results for your business. Below please find Extended DISC® opportunities that can be purchased by your company to help develop your people.

SH&A facilitated in-house training workshops that use Extended DISC® reports:

Certification to facilitate the following workshops in your organization:

Purchase of materials in support of the Extended DISC® Programs:

  • Extended DISC® Software
  • Workshop Materials (Facilitator/Participant Guides, Presentation Materials)
  • Style Aides (Wallet Cards, Quick Reference Aids)

Our clients use the Extended DISC® tools to improve and measure the performance of employees, teams and organization. The tools can be used in a variety of contexts within your organization.

Extended DISC® Software Certification

Key people in your organization can be certified in the use of the Extended DISC® software. There are several benefits to becoming certified in this program. They are:

  • Your newly certified company representative can take the software, with an initial supply of assessments, back to the organization that day.
  • The organization can internally manage the utilization of Extended DISC®.
  • The organization can immediately produce the assessment reports internally.
  • There is no 'consultant dependency' for this program to be successful in your organization.
  • Additional assessments can be ordered on the Internet.

In the Certification Training program, participants will become comfortable in using the software and interpreting the assessment reports.

The Training includes:

  • A User's Manual
  • Software Manual Training Materials with Case Practices
  • Extended DISC® Sample Reports
  • Extended DISC® Software

Learn more about:

Contact Us or call 1-847-564-2840 for further information on how to use this dynamic product suite in your organization.

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