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Top Ten Tips for Recruiting the Best Talent

If you are following the Top Ten Ways to Become a Talent Magnet, you should be attracting some of the best people to your door. But are you able to recruit them successfully? After all, good talent goes fast.

At St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates, we believe that you can extend your brand into the recruiting, interviewing, and selection process and improve your chances of getting and keeping the best talent. Here's how:

1. Know the type of talent you want. To grow the business, you need the right talent in the right places. Your hiring process should clearly define the job-specific and core talent requirements you are seeking.

2. Have a great plan of "attract". For each key set of positions, create an efficient and coordinated plan to screen, initially interview, collect observations, and sustain timely communication with candidates, even after offers are accepted. The good impressions you leave with the runner-ups may pay off in future talent wars.

3. Screen candidates before the interview. If your first face-to-face interview finds you talking with a painfully introverted person for a sales position or an extremely creative person for a clerical position, you need to improve the initial screening process.

4. Simplify the process for entry-level positions. How many people and how many interviewing days are really needed for starting positions? It's best to save your time and theirs.

5. Train managers in interviewing skills. Too many managers fall back on using the same questions over and over again. How many ways can a person answer the question, "What are your three main strengths and weaknesses?" Effective interviews are strategic rather than generic.

6. Pick the right recruiting team. Ensure that you have the right people on the recruiting team and that they will be available when needed. Inform each team member of the talent requirements for the opening. Prepare team members to effectively conduct interviews and assess candidates. Pick a point person to track and follow up with the candidates.

7. Don't keep them waiting in the lobby. How valuable do potential employees feel if they are treated like interruptions to "real work"?

8. Be a great host. Confirm that you appreciate a person's talent by the way you treat them - from the time a candidate comes in the door until they leave, and even as they await your decision.

9. Move quickly in your hiring decision. If a talented individual is available to you, he or she is available to other organizations also. The early bird gets the talent.

10. Keep improving the process. If you know there are problems with the process, take fast action to make the highest impact adjustments. "Bad hires" incur significant costs to the enterprise. Good hires sustain and grow more success.

We have seen a real upswing in organizations requesting our help in defining the right hiring process and conducting effective interviewing sessions for key hiring managers. Please let us know how we might help you.

Many of our services focus on the Talent Management Continuum - from attracting and recruiting to developing and retaining the right people for your organization and your business strategy. St. Aubin Haggerty & Associates would be pleased to assist you with any of a range of services along the Talent Management Continuum, including organizational design and development, organizational learning, and assessments and diagnostics.

For more information, please Contact us or call 847-564-2840.

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