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The Effective Interview: Eight Practices for Hiring the Best

Far too often hiring mistakes are made and people ask, "Why didn't I see that in the interview?"  The wrong person is the result of a wrong interview.  To find and hire outstanding talent, the interviewer must prepare, listen and observe.  Candidates supply clues about themselves on multiple levels when interviewed effectively.  In this engaging workshop, participants focus on developing skills, techniques and approaches for gathering critical information to consistently make more effective hiring decisions.

Participants will review and understand all aspects of the interview process including:

  • Pre-interview Planning and Resume Screening
  • The Five Interview Principles
  • Eight Practices for Hiring the Best
  • Analyzing Critical Job Behaviors Identified by Information Gathering Techniques
  • Closing, Evaluation and Decision-making Skills

The On-Site Workshops and The Blended Program

On-Site Workshops can be conducted at your site in one to three day versions depending upon the number of behavioral criteria evaluated and the volume of practice interviews with REAL candidates being videotaped for review and critique.  Often, organizations use these workshops to align and train their most critical leaders and then use the blended program to reach all hiring managers.

The Blended Program consists of a four hour, on-line course made available to a broad audience of hiring managers.  After completing the on-line course and mastery test, your organization's interviewing coaches or SH&A facilitators will observe the learners as they conduct an interview and provide feedback and direction.  The blended program can be customized to align with your hiring practices and key hiring criteria.

In both approaches, past participants have found that videotaping and receiving feedback on live interviews are invaluable in developing their skills.  This workshop is suitable for all levels of management who make hiring decisions.

Help with Your Key Hiring Criteria

Successful organizations clearly define and align their hiring practices around a set of key behavioral criteria for success.  We have assisted many of our client organizations in establishing and refining key criteria, then integrating their criteria into The Effective Interview Workshop or Blended Program.

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