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Top Ten Moves Great Coaches Make

Coaching ... dozens of books have been written, millions of dollars spent in training, yet it is still one of the most under-leveraged and undeveloped skills in business.  Where does good coaching start?  With a focus on three words: Proactive, Positive and Success.  Focus on these in your coaching and you will do well.  To be more specific, Great Coaches:

1. Proactively seek learning opportunities for their people.  When doing your job ask yourself, "is this something I need to do or could this be a growth opportunity for one of my people?"

2. Listen more than talk.  We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Understand your audience's perspective and position before offering your thoughts.

3. Coach with style.  Understand the communication style of the other person and deliver feedback in their style.  This enhances the effectiveness of the interaction.

4. Let go of "their" way.  Be flexible on how you reach the desired coaching outcome.  Your employee may have a different and better approach than you.

5. Approach resistance and reluctance to change with curiosity.  Are your people pushing back on your initiatives or resisting change?  Don't get mad or defensive, ask, "I wonder why?" and go find out.

6. Move people to the right behavior.  Telling someone they did something wrong does not get them to what is right.  Start with a clear understanding of the consequences of what they did and work with them to determine the correct action next time.

7. Know that it is better to receive.  Giving effective feedback is much more meaningful to the recipient when you have a track record of soliciting feedback FROM them in the past.

8. Cultivate personal accountability and ownership in the outcome.  In tougher coaching situations, dictating a solution will not be as effective as having the employee determine or "own" the corrective course of action.

9. Create an environment of adventure.  Encourage a continuous improvement mindset that promotes curosity, allows mistakes and rewards efforts to improve.

10. Catch people doing things right.  Positive reinforcement will lead to repeated effective behaviors.  It also is the #1 move you can make to improve productivity.

Good coaches do everything they can to make their employees successful.  Your mindset must be "what can I do to help them succeed?"  If it still doesn't work, you know you did all you could.

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