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Top Ten Ways to Achieve "Favored Employer" Status

Do the best people think of you first when looking for a job?  Are you part of an organization where people want to work and stay?  Our experience and research indicates these ten proven practices can provide the foundation for Favored Employer status:

1. Hire the best.  Good people are attracted to good people.

2. Provide interesting, meaningful work.  Lack of fulfilling work leads the list of reasons people choose to leave employers.

3. Supply the resources employees need to get the job done.  Top organizations ask what tools are needed, acknowledge those requests and respond where appropriate.

4. Insure pay and benefits are competitive.  Favored Employers know what's happening in the marketplace and adjust to new competitive realities.

5. Involve employees in continuous improvement opportunities.  Excellent companies utilize employee ideas and energy at all levels to implement change.

6. Foster an environment of open communication.  Employees feel better when they are well informed and encouraged to share their perspectives.  Information flows freely up, down and across the organization.

7. Continually develop employees.  Managers and employees are both held accountable for development.

8. Demonstrate flexibility in balancing work and personal needs.  A healthy organization does not include employees who emphasize their unrealized vacation and personal time.

9. Reward and recognize good performance.  Favored Employers have consistent and equitable systems that reinforce desired results and behaviors.

10. Value diversity.  Recognizing diversity of opinion, style and approach sets excellent organizations apart.  Favored Employers value and leverage differences in their people to create exceptional results.

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