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A Sampling of Assessment Projects

We have always employed data-driven, customized processes to aid organizations in making beneficial decisions and focusing resources strategically.  This work often begins with an assessment and diagnostic initiative in areas such as organizational practices, leadership behaviors, organizational culture and/or employee perceptions.  Below is a sampling of assessment and diagnostic projects that the St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates team has facilitated in recent years.

Taking the pulse of employees…

Issue.  A leading pharmaceutical marketing and medical education organization decided to explore the linkages between employee perceptions and key engagement drivers—processes such as performance management, compensation, and related corporate practices.   

Process.  SH&A customized an employee satisfaction and engagement survey designed to assess current employee perceptions and beliefs of organizational processes and predict trends in employee behaviors.  The survey was administered online to all employees resulting in a 75% response rate. 

Outcome.  The survey data resulted in an analysis of employee beliefs and links to organization practices around management, performance appraisal, compensation and rewards.  The results were presented to executives, and a recommendation made to create an employee management process that was career development focused and that provided true “reward for performance.”  Following this study, the organization has put such a performance management process in place.

An assessment of organizational practices…

Issue.  A distribution logistics organization wanted to determine employees’ views of the Human Resources function, assess the effectiveness of current organizational practices, and establish top priority practices for improving retention and aligning HR practices with business strategy.   

Process.  SH&A built and administered an online and paper-based employee survey, gathered data through interviews with key managers, and facilitated core workforce focus groups.  This information was combined with organizational metrics of turnover and productivity. 

Outcome.  The integration and analysis of the study data resulted in key themes in four specific areas.  These trends, in turn, were linked to employee commitment, satisfaction, and behaviors such as “likelihood to stay” and “organization citizenship behaviors”.  Summary data and themes were reported to organization leaders along with recommended actions to align organizational practices with strategic business drivers.

Research study on leadership capabilities and experiences…

Issue.  A major surgical equipment manufacturer decided to invest in a large-scale leadership development initiative and asked SH&A to collaborate with them to discover the core leadership capabilities and experiences. 

Process.  To accomplish this, the SH&A team developed the survey protocol and surveyed key executives, conducted focus groups, and analyzed results to define and clarify results. 

Outcome.  The project resulted in a well-received list of core leadership capabilities and experiences that are now incorporated into the selection process, promotion criteria and performance management processes for all leaders.  This also became the framework for an executive development program. 

Feedback process and facilitation for employee survey results…

Issue.  A fortune 100 healthcare organization had completed their all employee survey and wanted to improve the results from one division. They requested help from SH&A in presenting the results to each team and developing an improvement plan.

Process.  SH&A worked with the organization to create a feedback process and used that process to conduct 10 feedback sessions and team planning sessions.  The plans were summarized and presented to management and a year long execution plan was created.

Outcome.  The organization implemented the plans. The employees felt the management of the organization was truly interested in improving the lives of the employees which resulted in changes of management, more supervisory training and in the end improved employee satisfaction scores.

A diagnosis of operational effectiveness and employee attitudes…

Issue.  A third-party food and healthcare product distributor wanted to improve future performance of their largest operational location.  They requested assistance from SH&A to diagnose the current operational effectiveness, leadership perceptions, and employee attitudes at the location, report the findings and recommend key actions. 

Process.  SH&A developed the survey instrument for employee attitudes, interviewed key leaders and managers, and facilitated focus groups for all shifts. 

Outcome.  SH&A then analyzed the data, did a SWOT analysis, and communicated recommendations in the areas of Leadership, Culture, Operations, Supervisory Relations, Training and Rewards/Recognition.   Critical action steps were recommended to align leadership behaviors, improve organizational role clarity and communication, and enhance the level of employee engagement.

Diagnosis of executive perception of the Human Resources function…

Issue.  A recently-formed global healthcare products and manufacturer (an entity formed through merger and divestiture) wanted to examine the perception of the Human Resources function across key executive and functional constituents globally in order to create a strategic plan for HR that better met emerging business drivers. 

Process.  SH&A built a survey protocol and interviewed each key executive and functional leader, then analyzed and summarized the data. 

Outcome.  The data analysis resulted in an assessment of how the executive leadership in the organization viewed the current performance of HR and its future importance in the areas of Administrative Expert, Employee Champion, Change Agent and Strategic Partner.  SH&A presented the data to the HR leadership team and recommended actions that would help the HR function move toward being more strategically focused.  A key recommendation was to develop a workforce strategy, in collaboration with key functional leadership in order to link HR investments to business and workforce needs.

A commitment to excellence is our promise on each project.  We place high value on our client relationships and strive to develop long-term partnerships.

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