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Energy Director

The Energy Director Systemâ„¢ is a way of looking at how each of us uses the energy required for everyday life.

There are four basic types of energy that we use in response to the demands and opportunities presented by the world around us. These are Grounding Energy, Creative Energy, Relationship Energy, Logic Energy. Not everyone uses the same type of energy in each situation, but each of us was born with or learned to favor certain kinds of energy over others.

By using this assessment and identifying your Personal Energy Profile, you will learn why certain 'stressful' situations cause you great distress, while others do not. You will be able to better understand the roots of conflict with other people, and learn specific techniques that can reduce the stress of interpersonal relations. You will be able to learn what strengths and weaknesses you typically bring to problems at work, at home and elsewhere.

By practicing the techniques and perfecting the skills presented as part of this system, you can learn to turn the problems and worries of life into opportunities - opportunities for optimizing your personal strengths, improving your weak points and applying the right kind of energy to the right situation.

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