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E-Learning Service

St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates offer resources and methods to help you teach anything to anyone anytime it is needed.

The E-Learning Service is offered to support leaders in organizational learning who seek to:

  • Blend traditional methods for training with technology-based solutions for delivering information and build skills.
  • More effectively, consistently, and efficiently manage the processes for organizational learning such as communication, registration, completion, and testing.
  • Leverage technology for learning that adds value and reduces cost to the organization.
  • Quickly acquire the technological tools to continuously expand their e-learning vision.

We will work with you to establish your overall training needs, and add clarity to the vision for an overall set of systems (technological and procedural) to support those needs. Our roles in your e-learning initiatives include:

  • Selecting and applying the best available technology tools and platforms.
  • Identifying and managing outside resources and experts needed to build and test solutions.
  • Ensuring your vision for enhancing learning processes is always at the core of decisions and efforts.

For more information, please Contact Us or call 1-847-564-2840.

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