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Persuasive Presentations©  Workshop 

Winning in the competitive world of work requires a well-honed ability to look and feel confident, communicate clearly, and to leave your audience with a favorable impression about yourself and your ideas.  The Persuasive Presentations© workshop is an intense session of learning and practice to aid participants in reaching the apex of confidence and effectiveness when presenting to groups, either within or outside their company.

This workshop is designed for groups of 8-12 people who wish to increase their confidence and communication effectiveness when speaking in front of a group - to increase their ability to be persuasive and credible.  Sessions can be held on-site or off-site.

Through practice, videotape feedback and expert coaching, this two-day workshop is designed to accomplish the following lasting effects:

  • Overcome and harness the anxiety energy that comes with public speaking.
  • Create the thought processes for organizing presentations in order to achieve your purpose.
  • Enhance the image that you project to your audience members.
  • Communicate effectively and memorably even in difficult situations.
  • Dramatically increase confidence when you are asked to present to small or large groups.

Day One - Applied Basics

This day focuses on projecting a professional image by practicing skills and tools that are the foundation of great speaking. Topics include:

  • Managing Your Nervousness
  • Core Physical Skills
  • Knowing Your Purpose and Your Audience
  • Tips for Using Speaker Supports (Media, Notes, Handouts)
  • Organizing for Clarity

Participants will have multiple opportunities to practice in front of a group and receive feedback for positive improvement.

Day Two - Advanced Presentation Practices

The second day focuses on using tried and true delivery approaches to plan and deliver meaningful presentations individually and in teams.  While building on the foundational skills and tools from Day One, we expand your skill set through more advanced topics such as:

  • Effective Team Presentations
  • Presenting Technical Information
  • Handling Difficult Questions

Who should attend?  Anyone who will benefit from being more confident, professional and persuasive as they stand and deliver ideas to a group.  Through practice exercises, professional feedback and monitoring your progress, you WILL gain in confidence and noticeably increase your presentation style.

Workshop attendees and their organizations can request further coaching after the session to build, practice and strengthen crucial business presentations.

The workshop can be done on two consecutive days or in two, one-day sessions with time to practice and develop presentations in between.

For more information, please Contact Us or call 1-847-564-2840.

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