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An Essential Guide to Giving Feedback

The performance of any business depends upon the performance of everyone within the organization. To ensure that all staff are meeting their potential it is essential that there is a culture which enables feedback to be given and received. This course enables you to become familiar with the key aspects of giving candid, constructive feedback about performance. The purpose of this course is to enable you to enhance your skills in giving feedback. The course starts by exploring the nature of feedback, and it then develops a practical approach to the feedback process. Giving feedback is not always straightforward however, and so the final part of this course looks at barriers to giving feedback and strategies for dealing with situations where your feedback is challenged.

Target Audience
Individuals aiming to improve their performance at work by making effective use of the feedback they are given and the feedback they offer to others--particularly their direct reports.

Lesson Objectives

The Basics of Giving Feedback

  • Recognize the benefits of incorporating the four key aspects when giving effective feedback.
  • Differentiate between the characteristics of positive, negative, corrective, and reinforcing feedback.
  • Match the type of feedback required to a given situation.
  • Identify the most appropriate time and place to give different types of feedback.

Giving Feedback - The Process

  • Recognize the benefits of using the five-step process in giving effective feedback.
  • Decide which criteria are appropriate for analyzing a subject's performance.
  • Match the appropriate feedback style and approach to the situation.
  • Adapt the core feedback model to a specified feedback situation.

Communicating Feedback

  • Recognize the benefits of identifying the appropriate communication strategy to use to make your feedback effective.
  • Identify effective communication strategies for giving feedback to adults.
  • Recognize potential barriers to giving feedback.
  • Identify the most appropriate strategy for dealing with challenges to the accuracy of feedback.

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