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Leadership Essentials: Leading Innovation 

Creativity and innovation are critical components of just about every organization. But innovation doesn't pertain only to new inventions, products, or reworked designs. It also involves incremental improvements to the way things are done. Knowing how to build and support an innovative culture is an important skill for any leader to master. The impetus for innovation can come from the top of the organization, and it can come from the people engaged in day-to-day production. Building an innovative culture is a responsibility for leaders and employees across organizational hierarchies.This course provides you with an understanding of what an innovative culture is and what qualities a leader needs to best foster innovation. It also provides you with practical techniques for cultivating and leading innovation.

Target Audience
Supervisors, managers, directors, and individuals wanting to develop their leadership skills

Lesson Objectives

Leading Innovation

  • Classify examples of questions that can be used to assess characteristics of a business innovation culture.
  • Associate the characteristics of an innovation leader with the actions that reflect them.
  • Assess an organization's innovation culture and plan leadership actions to strengthen it in a given scenario.
  • Recognize actions that are likely to attract and nurture innovators.

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