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Leadership Essentials: Creating Your Own Leadership Development Plan 

Creating your own leadership development plan is a significant part of any successful and valuable leadership-development strategy. Leadership development plans help to ensure that you remain focused on what is required to continually grow and develop as a leader. This includes assessing your own style, values, and requirements, as well as identifying development goals, objectives, and actions.This course explores ways to assess yourself as a leader, establish a vision for the future, and identify obstacles to that vision. It also teaches practical approaches for setting development goals, objectives, and actions designed to move you toward your vision. Lastly, it provides useful criteria for evaluating a personal leadership development plan.

Target Audience
Supervisors, managers, directors, and individuals wanting to develop their leadership skills

Lesson Objectives

A Personal Leadership Development Plan

  • Identify the key results of a leader's self-assessment process.
  • Recognize strategies for formulating your leadership vision and approaching potential obstacles to that vision.
  • Choose appropriate objectives and actions for a leadership development plan, in a given scenario.
  • Recognize strategies designed to help sustain leadership development.
  • Determine whether a leadership development plan exhibits key characteristics.

Price: $89.00

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