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Meeting Management: Tools & Rules

A highly interactive two-day workshop to instill new processes and skills for running remarkable business meetings. Participants engage in real-world experiences to apply techniques for facilitating group conversation and decision-making that are effective and efficient.

The Meeting Management: Tools & Rules workshop is extremely beneficial to any business person who leads and participates in meetings or interactions where:

  • Time is being wasted
  • Meeting purposes or processes lack in clarity
  • Meetings get off track
  • Ownership of future actions is important
  • People must work well together
  • Decision and outcomes are critical to business results

Through this workshop, participants will experience an effective blending of:

  • Learning new models
  • Discussing experiences and effective practices
  • Applying new techniques and practicing skills incrementally by actually facilitating real world group interactions
  • Receiving expert feedback
  • Achieving great results quickly

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